How to build a shed

5 Steps to Follow Before You Build a Shed

Written By: Bob - Apr• 01•13

A shed can be an excellent addition to your back yard, offering extra storage, a great place to work or even a fun place for your kids to play. One of the most cost-effective ways to go about this DIY project is to purchase high quality shed plans to follow along the way. Of course, before you purchase those plans, it’s a good idea to know more about the building you want and need. To help you get your project started on the right foot, the following are five steps you should before you build a shed.

Step #1 – Decide on Your Project Budget

The very first step to take before you begin building a shed is to decide on the budget for this project. Your budget will help you answer many other questions along the way, since every decision you’ll make regarding your barn’s construction will depend on how much you can spend. The size of your shed, the materials you choose and the plans you decide to purchase will all need to be based upon your budget.

Step #2 – Consider the Shed’s Purpose

Once you have decided on a budget for the project, you’ll then need to consider the shed’s purpose. How do you plan to use the shed? Maybe you plan to use it for several purposes. If so, what will the main use be? The purpose of your shed will have a big impact on other decisions you make, including the specific shed plans you choose. If you plan to use the building for storage, then you’ll need to build with storage space in mind. If you plan to use part of the barn as a work area, you’ll need to build a shed with that in mind so you have plenty of work space available.

Step #3 – Carefully Choose Building Size

After you’ve considered the purpose of your building, it’s time to carefully choose the right size. If you just need a little extra storage space, a smaller size may work perfectly. However, if you need to have room for a workspace as well as storage, you may need to go with a larger size. Make sure you choose carefully, since it may be costly to add space if you build a barn that is too small. On the other hand, a shed that is too large will cost you a lot more in materials, so you want to avoid going with a building that is too large for your needs as well.

Step #4 – Pick a Location

The location should definitely be decided before you build a shed. Both the size of the building and its purpose should help you to choose the best location. Ensure the location is suitable for a building. If you’ll need utilities, keep this in mind as you decide where to place the barn.

Step #5 – Start Looking for Shed Plans that Meet Your Needs

Since you’ve already decided on a budget, figured out the building’s purpose, chose the size and picked out a location, you are now ready to begin looking for shed plans that meet your needs. Look for high quality plans that offer you the size you need while fitting into your budget. Ensure the plans offer concise directions that are easy to follow, making it easy for you to construct the building. Once you have the right plans, you’ll be ready to build a shed that will perfectly meet your needs.