How to build a shed

Free Shed Plans

Written By: Bob - Feb• 27•12

Free Shed PlansIf you’re someone who likes to DIY, there are several options for building a shed. You can use free shed plans or purchase a shed kit that will cost you some money. When you put up the shed yourself, having good shed plans will save you time and some money since you’re not paying a contractor, and will be able to avoid costly mistakes too.

The problem of course, is finding the right blueprints.

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Trying to Save Money

In today’s economy people are looking to cut a few pennies wherever possible. Building a garden shed by yourself can significantly reduce costs and the result, if done properly, can increase the value of your home. For those looking to add a shed in the backyard or the garden, there are free shed plans available. And often the question can be, will they actually save you money. Consider this carefully before starting your project.

Importance of Using Quality Shed Plans

Free Shed PlansQuality plans will provide step-by-step instructions and clear, easy to follow diagrams. Detailed blueprints will take the headache out of completing your project, especially if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience. Be aware that there are many free plans out there that simply don’t come with complete details. The instructions can be incomplete and void of key steps. Unless you are a very experienced woodworker, it may be difficult, or impossible, to fill in the blanks and you could end up having to abandon your project, and search for another set of plans. This is costly.

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Look Out for Missing Information

Pay very careful attention when proofing your plans before you begin your project, because if your free shed plans don’t properly detail all critical steps, this will create serious problems for you. In one of my first projects, I didn’t discover problems in my blueprints until I was nearly halfway done, and it cost me dearly. I had spent money on materials and countless hours of labor. I had to fork out more money for new materials and a contractor to help me complete my shed. It was very expensive!

Shed Plans

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Shortcuts Aren’t Always Shorter

If you aren’t very experienced at DIY woodworking projects, and would rather avoid the risks involved with using free shed plans, you can always just purchase quality shed plans very inexpensively, from the outset. Even shed kits aren’t that expensive and will contain all the information you need to put up a shed that’s going to last. The drawback with pre-fab shed kits is they tend to be very limiting and bland in appearance, and of course, it’s fun to build your own! The absolute best shed plans I’ve found online are My Shed Plans Elite, and they can be yours for just $37.

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